Friday, February 11, 2011

February 9, 2011

Can you help me guys?  Thanks!
Katie's hungry caterpillar quilt.
"My name, momma, really big." (a paraphrase)
Denise's crazy lovely bento swap quilt.
Agnes' Sleeping Beauty quilt.
The Owl and Pussycat quilt.
Virginia's "blue" quilt (ha ha ha).
Kelly's mystery quilt finish!
Teddy's snail and turtle quilt top.
A sampling of Karen's wonderful postcards.  Made from a class at Piece by Piece Fabrics.
February EMQG bee blocks!  I love them.
More bee blocks (there are even more, I will take more pictures.)
Gorgeous collection of swap rugs!
Another great month friends!  I keep looking at that snack mat that Denise made and I am trying to figure out how she got those letters to look so cool.  Why didn't I look closer when I had the chance??  See you next month, March 9.... our next swap is "Softies"-- a post on the blog will be forth coming.